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Translations for the Industrial & Retail Sectors

Our core skill set includes the translation of technical materials, websites, brochures and financial documentation for the industrial and retail sectors. Individualised guidance through the project and professional management of quality are included in every translation.

Legal Documents & Notarisation

ETS Translations guarantees you linguistically, interpretatively precise translation of legal materials, contracts, patents and official documents. Our sworn translators will be happy to notarise our translations for you upon request.

Translations for Scientific Companies

Scientific papers, such as dissertations, professorial dissertations, masters' theses, lectures and materials from the everyday work of research institutions and the open market will be prepared for publication with the highest level of understanding for the material and in cooperation with international universities & research institutions.

Proofreading & Revision

We will prepare your translations for printing. In addition to our standard quality control process, professional proofreading will ensure that your work is ready for subsequent publication. A separate DTP department will make that the graphics have been polished in all popular formats, such as Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign and will make your publication a success.