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    As an experienced translation agency in Leeds, ETS Translations offers native speaker translators of all European and Asian languages with many years of experience and guaranteed quality. Our Leeds-based translation company offers certified translations by sworn translators into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Croatian, Albanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Maltese, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Farsi, Dari, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Turkish, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and translation services into for many other languages. You can find our translation agency at over 100 locations, including London, Sheffield, Cardiff, Bradford or Leicester.

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    Leeds features a diverse economic structure in which the importance of the service sector overtook production industries some time ago. A total of around 400,000 workers are registered in the whole metropolitan district. Around 25% of which in public services, 24% in finance and insurance, and 21% in sales as well as the hotel and catering sector. The financial sector distinguishes Leeds from the rest of the region and, after London, is of greatest importance in the United Kingdom. The only branch of the Bank of England in the entire country is found in Leeds. The city’s gross value added currently lies around 17 billion pounds sterling and at around 50 billion pounds for the whole Leeds City Region. The commercial catchment area in Leeds encompasses more than 3 million inhabitants. Leeds has a large number of shopping centres with around 1,000 businesses. Approximately 40,000 people are employed in the retail trade.