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    As an experienced translation agency in Bradford, ETS Translations offers native speaker translators of all European and Asian languages with many years of experience and guaranteed quality. Our Bradford-based translation company offers certified translations by sworn translators into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Croatian, Albanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Maltese, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Farsi, Dari, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Turkish, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and translation services into for many other languages. You can find our translation agency at over 100 locations, including Hong Kong, Liverpool, London, Leeds or Belfast.

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    Two of the most important industrial monuments in Great Britain are found in Bradford. The textiles factory and the workers’ estate in the suburb of Saltaire were declared world heritage sites in 2001. They are anchor points of the European Route of Industry Heritage (ERIH). Manningham Mill, featuring an over 100m-high chimney in the style of a Tuscan city hall tower, was once the largest textiles factory in Europe. The city centre boasts a number of magnificent Victorian buildings such as the neo-Gothic city hall and the former wool exchange in the same style. Methodist and Baptist chapels in the workers’ quarters, and congregational churches in the bourgeois city districts show Bradford to be a former centre of non-conformism. Today Bradford’s proportion of population with Pakistani heritage is the highest in all of Great Britain. There are also immigrants from Bangladesh, Muslims from the Indian state of Gujarat and Sikhs from Punjab. At around 19 percent, Bradford has Britain’s second-highest share of Muslims after Blackburn, giving the city its colloquial name ‘the curry capital’.