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Our team includes 112 Spanish translators with 126 language pairs and a wide variety of areas of specialisation. Seventy-six of these translators are sworn translators.

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In addition to Spanish translation services for our business customers, we can also provide notarised translations of official documents for private customers.

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Whether into Spanish or from Spanish into another language, our project management team will conduct all translations in compliance with ISO quality guidelines.


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Spanish-English translations and English-Spanish translations are the foundation of international business relations as well as work residency and exchanges with the Spanish and Latin-American economic community. Our translation services specialise in the translation of technical, medical, legal and academic materials, so that we can also translate online shops and dissertations in addition to expert opinions, contracts and patents. ETS only works with college graduates who are native speakers. On this basis, we offer a broad spectrum of specialised knowledge. From A as in Animal Husbandry to Z as in trade negotiations with Zimbabwe, the appropriate Spanish translator can be found in our pool. Notarisation of official documents that require such will be provided by a sworn translator. Contact our Customer Service department and ask for an offer free of charge.


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Send us your documents as a file attachment and you will receive a free and non-binding offer based on the information submitted. Notarised translations will be send back to you by registered mail upon completion. 
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    Since Castilia was proclaimed a kingdom in 1085, the Castilian dialect became the local and colloquial language. After the unification of Castile and Aragón (1479), it became the national language of the Spanish kingdom. Spanish, as we know it today, is, in fact, an advanced development of the Latin-Castile dialect with a touch of Toledo. The remaining Ibero-Romanic languages in Spain were influenced by Castilian considerably. There is only a weak linguistic border to them, but, nonetheless, the Portuguese national border has become a linguistic border over the last few centuries. Spanish also spread far and wide across big parts of America as a result of the colonisation of America by Spain. The American dialects are usually similar to those of South Spain. All dialects of Castilian in the regions of the former Spanish colonial kingdom must be treated as colonial dialects. The differences from the standard language, compared to other languages, is minimal. Our Spanish translators are based in the following cities:

    Sworn Spanish translators

    The sworn Spanish - English translators of our translation company provide document translation services in all subject areas. Are you looking for a certified translation Spanish English of an official document such as a leaving certificate, university certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, drivers' license or divorce decree? Do you need to translate a legal contract, patent, resume (CV), sales contract, rental agreement, business report, press release, research paper or a legal, medical or technical document by a sworn Spanish translator? Are you searching for a translation agency which offers technical translation services Spanish - English of a technical manual, brochure, product catalogue, leaflet, website or online shop? Simply send us your documents for text analysis.