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Experience in Combination with Expertise

Our team consists of translators, proofreaders and editors of academically educated specialists from nearly every discipline. In addition to exceptional language skills in their native languages, our team has a well-established base of knowledge and creativity for solving specific issues.

Personalised Project Management

After analysing your material and preparing it for the translation process, we will put together a team of appropriate translators specific to your field. A personal project manager will guide you throughout the entire process and coordinate any and all questions.


Terminology & Corporate Phrasing

Uniform selection of the terminology is absolutely necessary for customers from the industrial, retail or scientific sectors as well as for large-volume or follow-up contracts. To ensure the appropriate corporate phrasing for each customer, a terminology database will be created, or existing databases used, upon request.

DTP - One-shop Desktop Publishing

Whether the issue is to adjust your materials to standards that vary by country or to re-work your documents because of changes in format as a consequence of translation (such as due to changes in character counts), our internal DTP department will ensure that you succeed at every level.