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ETS Translations in the translation of legal documents. Regardless of whether your documents pertain to business law, contractual law, patent law, copyright or international law: only a combination of native-speaker linguistic competence together with sound knowledge of the legal context of the topic in question can ensure the desired quality. We have many years of experience providing legal translations for a wide range of European institutions and international law firms as well as for leaders in the medical, financial, retail and scientific sector. Tell us about your translation requirement in detail, as well as about your time-frame. You will receive from us a personalized quote within the hour.


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Just send us your legal documents as a file attachment and you will receive a free and non-binding offer based on the information submitted. Notarised translations will be send back to you by registered mail upon completion.
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    In order tu ensure you will always have a direct contact person who answers your questions or who keeps you updated regarding the timeline during the entire translation process, you will be paired with a dedicated account manager until the project is completed. Translations by trained legal scholars and experts guarantee that the language, formality and style will be appropriate to the requirements of the application area and legally compliant in the country in question. Just send your documents by email and request an offer free of charge, or let our Customer Service department advise you in advance.

    Would you like to translate a contract, an annual report or a patent application into English, German, French, Spanish or Italian? Our legal translators handle contracts like rental agreements, sales contracts, work or service contracts, as well as other official documents that require attestation. We offer legal document translations in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Belarusian, Ukranian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Maltese, Catalonian, Basque, Albanian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, as well as Turkish, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian through professional legal translators.