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Translation English - French. Do you wish to translate a piece of text or a document in French, localise a website for France or Canada? Would you like to translate a legally perfect contract in French or a scientific essay? Whether you would like to translate a medical assessment report or a user manual - ETS offers low-priced translations for technical, financial or academic fields. Translation from French or to French is handled only by translators who are native speakers having a graduate degree.

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Sworn French translator. About 6.4 million Canadians, that is around 24 % of the entire population uses French as the mother tongue (Francophone Canadians). In all, 8.9 million Canadians (31 %) can speak French fluently (1996 census).

Since 1969 French is once again a Canadian official language apart from English. This, however, is only at the Federal level. The provinces are independent to decide the languages that are used in the area of their jurisdiction. French is the only official language in Québec, while New Brunswick is official a dual-language province. In the other provinces there are regulations, which permit the Francophone minorities, e.g. to set up a Francophone education system etc.

Owing to the large distance to the rest of the French-speaking world, the French in Canada differs substantially from the European French. But even within the French in Canada, there are different variants:

- Quebec French is spoken by the Francophone residents of Quebec, Ontario and the western provinces.

- The Acadians in the Maritime provinces New Brunswick, New Scotland and Prince Edward Island speak Acadian French.

- On Newfoundland the language spoken in isolation is Newfoundland French, apart from the Acadian French in vogue at present.

- Michif - a blend of French and Cree is the language in Métis.

- Apart from these, there are numerous variants such as Haitian or the French of France, which is spoken by the migrants of recent times.

Our French translators are based in the following cities: Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Plymouth, Portmouth, Sheffield, Southampton and Swansea.

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ETS offers certified translation services from English to French of the following texts and official documents: patent, contract, agreement, assignment, treaty, policy, certificate of employment, homepage, website, marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport, identity card, driving license, resume (CV), job reference, letter, work contract, research paper, report or degree thesis by sworn French translators.

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